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The Law Office of Nancy C. Stanton has stood the test of time, despite the many new firms and attorneys who have chosen to hang their shingles in Bristol County. If you ask me, it's because my offices care about what happens to you. We treat our clients as individuals and with respect. When we ask our clients why they chose us, we usually hear that one of our former clients had referred them and that is how we like it. Ask around, we are willing to rely upon our reputation for providing outstanding representation to our clients.

Family Law

At the Law Office of Nancy C. Stanton, I have over 23 years of legal experience guiding my clients through their domestic related issues.

Whether it is a divorce, paternity case or restraining order, I have the experience and reputation to deliver the most effective legal representation in the emotionally charged Family Court.

I assist my clients in the following:


I am also a Certified Mediator. After practicing family law for over two decades, I decided to offer my clientele the ability to mediate resolutions to their domestic issues. This gives client's greater control over their cases, which with everyone's cooperation can be resolved faster, at a reduced cost and above all civilly.

Of course not all cases are suitable for mediation and I am prepared to litigate your case aggressively, if necessary.